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NWO-Triplis Conventionem by GrimReaperBG
NWO-Triplis Conventionem
Translated from lathin it means Triple Alliance.
If you have seen the privios ones.Then you can gues who are in an alliance.
NWO-Kaiserstrofen Industries by GrimReaperBG
NWO-Kaiserstrofen Industries
New World Orther is a webcomik series I am planing on making.
This is the 4th of 5 major factions that will exist. And will be the main antagonist.
And as you can read it's Kaiserstrofen Industries.The K will be thir destigutive simvol found on their uniforms and equipmen.


No journal entries yet.


Daniel Milkov Dimitrov
Favorite colores:black,red,green.

Watches: anime,movies.

Playes:Video games.

Favorite ganras:action,war(military),comedy,documentals(science if interesting,war/military).


Music:enykind as long as I like the song,but mosetly Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal(Metal For The Win!!!).

Likes:Video games,movies,hanging out with friends.

Dislikes: corruption;lack of :disiplan,morals,ethiks;arrogance;socialy inadicuate behavior;false information based on branewashed media afection; polititians ; burokracy ; the lack of insite twords what comunism is.

Veiwes tworeds the rest of the people on Earth:Nonagreasive treaty (you don't desplay any agrasive actions tworeds me I don't cose you fisical pain and vice versa), greating friends:with open aremes , greating enemyes: greates them with a bullet,pats them with a sword;Wold like to know about other cultures and places.

Cons:can be extreame at times; sometimes can be kind of an a**,without knoing it when atempting to joke;bad english righting(I know,I know dont need to point it out!) ... <-Will update this section if nacesery.

Pros:can be too good of a persone(pro or con evan I don't know);a good listener;loyal;openminded(but not much even I have my limits you know);tolerant.

Thing I don't give a f*** about:race,age,gender,social statuse,nationality,religion.Meaning I don't judge a persone on those things when talking to them.

Hmm and I gues thats about it.Hope we can all get along.Please put up with me.
Goodbye and have a nice and plesant day.

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